Event Producer

Why do everything yourself, when you don't have to? 

Make your event planning a lot easier by hiring a Virtual Event producer to free up your time to handle other aspects of your event. Sometimes its the tedious things that take up the most time. We’re here to help. At Queen Productions, we provide virtual specialists to help your organization grow. Whether you need a Virtual Producer or Assistant Specialist, we have the right team member ready to help you excel without the added stress of having to do everything on your own. 



Everything you need to delegate and grow your organization, STARTS HERE!

As a busy leader, there are a lot of things on your plate. Whether it’s managing emails, travels, budget sheets or managing your social media, there are so many details required to run a successful business and you cant do it all alone. Having too much on your plate can cause you to miss that one important thing. Don't let that happen!  When we can assist you on the very important thing you may miss. Delegate your task and let us help you.



Event Planning

Manage and request vendors, invitations, promo materials, guest list, part y favors and live entertainment


Manage and schedule appointments, meetings, upcoming events, send out reminders, create itineraries and  monitor To do list

Travel Booking

Book Flights, hotels, ground transportation, organize activites, create payment plans and orgainze itineraires 

Personal Assistant

Organize, send remainders and monitor family schedules. Online shopping, schedule appointments and  monthly bill payments

Executive Assistant

Answer incoming and outbound calls, respond to emails and text messages. fax, scan, data entry, organize online documnets

Organize Me

Consult and organize your personal and business life to create a balance where both will strive at the same time

Email Management

Answer all emails. Manage & update your contact list, send out info as needed and respond to request, set them up & add to calendar

Social Media

Respond to all comments and DMs, schedule post, montior new followers and request, setup campaigns and progress reports


Things you can Delegate to a

Virtual Event Producer

Save the Date Evites and Websites

Social Media Event Setup/Monitor

Travel & Hotel Accommodations

Budget Management

Promotional Videos 

Manage Vendors

Monitor RSVP

Party Favors


and more...

Things you can Delegate to a

Virtual Assistant

Executive Assistant Support

Writing/editing/formatting reports Prepare Power Point Presentations

Calendar Management

Interview screening

Social Media Posting

Email Management

Personal Assistant


and more...



Email us today and let us know what you may need assistance with or questions you may have


Once we receive  your email. One of our consultants will contact you to set up a call or facetime

Meet Consultant

Get to know your consultant and discuss all your business meeds and then you are on your way!


Yayyy lets get started. Sit back and relax and allow your amazing VA to make your life easier.

Our Virtual Team

Our Virtual Assistants are Professionals, College Educated, 10+ years of hands on experience in Production, Administration, HR Management and Business.


Cynthia, Hairstylist

As a hairstylist always using my hands it was super hard for me to always answer all my calls, text, emails and make appointments in a timely manner. I started losing clients due to my delay in responses. QP Virtual Assistant has helped my business blossom. I have more clients than ever and my mind is put at ease knowing my clients are being taken care of right away while I am working

Keith, Personal Trainer

I am old school so this social media stuff was a foreign language to me. I had no clue what to do or how to do it. My VA Ifeoma took over my social media. She makes sure my upcoming classes are posted, she answers all my DMs and comments. She schedules new appointments. Lets just say she is God Sent. 

Tom, Handy Man

Trying to start a business, a new born baby on top of everything else was the hardest thing. I was all over the place and couldn't keep up with life. But now with my VA, I am on top of my game and I have time to spend with my family and my business.